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There were only a few sites hosted under " And they were as follows:

The Kagchelland site

Sadly my lovely Jo passed away.
There is a page that gives Jo's journey through life.
If you click here you will get there.


The Sengers Site

The Sengers Stamboom digitalised from "Het Grote Sengers Boek"
About 9000 names linked together to form a "Kwartierstaat" of every Sengers in that book.
Any family name is "clickable"
There is also a timeline from current person to the earliest entry for the line.
By clicking here you will be able to see all these pages.


Pages Here, the previous Kagchelland site

Yes, the pages of Jo Kagchelland were also at
Sadly she pased away on the 11th of August 2009.
I miss here very much.
However, I will still maintain her domain!
By clicking here you will get to the Kagchelland pages.

For, by clicking here here you will get there.
Not much there yet though.


The intended multiple Stamboom site

Here I will install scripts that will handle different family trees.
Even if they are incomplete, it will be a start and hopefully there will be assistance to add and/or correct the data.
It is a pity that it all takes so much time.
A link to the Sengers family tree / Stamboom is here
Another link is to Hille, part of the Sengers family tree. here
And by clicking here you will get to the Stamboomplus site.


The Sengers Meeting Place you can find HERE